Modus Therapeutics is a Swedish biotech company developing sevuparin for diseases with high unmet medical need. The Company’s near-term focus is to develop sevuparin for patients with sepsis/septic shock, a severe and often fatal condition. 

In sepsis/septic shock, an infection has transformed into severe uncontrolled systemic inflammation, which damages blood vessels leading to loss of vital functions and eventually vital organs. Pre-clinical data with sevuparin suggests that it can provide benefit by protecting blood vessels in such circumstances1. Uncontrolled systemic inflammation is a deadly complication of multiple severe medical conditions such as major trauma and surgery, autoimmunity, and viral infection as well as sepsis/septic shock. ‘Systemic inflammatory response syndromes’ (SIRS) is a general clinical definition of the uncontrolled inflammation seen in these situations. The clinical development of sevuparin in sepsis/septic shock may also branch into other indications under this systemic inflammation umbrella.

Sevuparin, has the multimodal mechanism of action that is typical of heparinoids allowing it to target and neutralize the processes that underlie such serious inflammatory conditions. However, as sevuparin has been designed to have a much-reduced anti-coagulant activity it can be dosed without concern for the bleeding risk. This enhances the potential of sevuparin to deliver the non-anticoagulant benefits of heparinoid to patients across multiple serious conditions.  As a result,  Modus is currently evaluating further potential indications for sevuparin beyond the ones encompassed by systemic inflammation.

Modus is backed by Karolinska Development (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV), KDev Investments AB, (part of Karolinska Development AB and Rosetta Capital), The Foundation for Baltic and European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen) and Praktikerinvest AB. Different possibilities to finance Modus’ further development of Sevuparin in Sepsis/Septic shock are under active exploration.

1 Rasmuson et al, 2019